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    dataProvider does not detect data change


      I'm setting up a dialog window that shows a list of strings.

      Initialy, the array that serves as dataProvider is empty, but it changes very shortly after the dialog appears.
      In fact, im doing an http request to fill the array and after sending this request i create the dialog.

      _mainController.configRepositoryController.configInformation.getImagusConfigList(); // sends an http request


      private function openConfigSelectionDialog():void {
      var configSelectionDialog:ListInfoDialog = ListInfoDialog(PopUpManager.createPopUp(Sprite(Application.application), ListInfoDialog, true));
      configSelectionDialog.list.dataProvider = _mainController.configRepositoryController.configInformation.configs; // Is [Bindable]

      // The ConfigInformation class code:
      public var configs:ArrayCollection = null; // or "new ArrayCollection(); both does not work


      private function onConfigListResult(event:ResultEvent):void {
      configs = new ArrayCollection(myConfigs);

      //In ListInfoDialog
      <mx:List id="list" width="100%" selectable="true" />

      When i open the window the second time, the list holds the entries from the last call. (that are still in the array)

      I appreciate any help.

      Greetings Jogla