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    to Skin or not to Skin ?

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      It seems to me that the choice you have with Catalyst for Custom Component is either :

      • Create a Custom Component, then import it in Flash Builder and add Business Logic to it. It's fast and simple but I'm worried about how difficult it his to make change to your design in Catalyst and re-import it without a lot of work in Flash Builder.
      • Having a SkinnableComponent sub class in your application and creating a Skin in Catalyst. Seems to be more work at the beginning and I'm not sure what the process is since every Custom Component export as a Group sub class.


      What would be the best way to go ?





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          Bear Travis Adobe Employee



          Catalyst does not currently support any code that has been modified in Builder. This means that you can't create a SkinnableComponent subclass in Builder, then skin it in Catalyst. The easiest thing to do, if you're going that route, is to create a custom component in Catalyst (subclass of Group), and just modify it in Builder to be a skin (change the root tag, set the host component, and assign the parts).