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    Problem in viewing the webhelp output in a RoboHelp-DocumentX project

    Snehal Yerawadekar

      Hi, I am working with Robohelp X5. The project is generated together with DocumentX and hence contains more than 15,000 files. Secondly, the proper webhelp output is extremely essential for this project as it concerns the links which are also in thousands.


      A problem has occured where the webhelp is getting generated, but I cannot view the output. The generated file occurs in the webhelp folder, but displays only a single page with no navigation pane or even the content/search tabs.

      The project had been successful in April. While updating it, I copied the Robohelp project folder and things started. Initially the prosource folder was showing an error while opening the project. When I copied it again to a different location, the project file opened and functioned fine, but the output problem is still there.


      What I have now id - The original folder with the crashed project, 2 new copies of  this folder where the project works fine and the webhelp is generated with no output.

      Please help me, because starting from scratch with DocX files is a nightmare!