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    A simple thing, but how?

    reflexactions Level 1

      I need to do a very simple thing but so far I am completely stumped at a solution.


      An application that load html pages into native windows and on each request for page it must send a cookie with the users UserKey.


      1) Open native window and load an html page myHomePage.htm from xxx.com


      2) In that page click a link that opens a new native window loading myOtherPage.htm from xxx.com


      3) In that page click a link that causes that page to navigate to myOtherOtherPage.htm from xxx.com (i.e doesn't open a new window, the current page is replaced by the new page).


      note: All the windows must be Native windows NOT browser windows and the cookie must be set by the client and sent to the server with every single request.



      Parts of it I can get working though a bit clunky others I just cant seem to achieve.


      So any suggestions, the above after all is very very basic functionality for an application?