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    Best $100+ video card for CS5 Web edition

    iptinak Level 1

      I am trying to fine tune my build choices and hanging up on the video card. Having a hard time figuring out the importance (and need/benefits of) Open GL, Directx11, hacks, and all that stuff . As for Premire, I only have the elements 8 version. I have never edited video really and it will be a very small part of what I do. Any video editing I do will be mostly web quality output in the majority of time.  My primary computer use will be in PSCS5, Flash, Flash Catalyst, LR3, and Canon's DPP. Primarily for photo editing and some webpage building including the flash projects.


      CPU is gonna be the i7-930 probably with a GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD3R LGA mobo. Some reasonably priced cards I have seen mentioned/used (but I honestly do not know the pros or cons of them) are:


      XFX Core edition GS250XZSL4 GeForece GTS 250 1gb and the GIGABYTE GV R570C - 1GI HD Radeon 5750 - both about $140.


      Thought on these cards for my intended use? Anything less expensive that will perform the tasks I will be asking of it? ANy really good reason why I should consider a more expensive card like the Radeon HD 5770 Turbo 1 GB at $180?


      Thanks for your thoughts.