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    keyboard navigation

    nevereasy Level 1
      Keyboard navigation is fantastic ... but I can't figure out how to attach a behavior that has its own properties such as the 'Jump to movie' behavior. The 'command' property for the 'accessibility item' behavior is only one line, and the instruction says to place a line of lingo, or the name of a behavior. I have a whole lot of sprites that jump to different movies. It seems totally redundant to have to make a separate behavior for each navigation sprite.

      Please, is there any other way?
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          I'm not exactly sure what you are asking. If you want a single
          behaviour that you can put on any button to control navigation, you can
          use something like this. If you want to writeyour own scripts that can
          be individualized, check out the GetPropertyDescriptionList section.
          That is where the magic is.

          property pFrame, pMovie

          on mouseUp me
          if not(pMovie = "") then
          go to frame pFrame of movie pMovie
          go pFrame
          end if

          on getPropertyDescriptionList

          addProp pList, #pFrame, [#comment:"Which marker?", #default:1,

          addProp pList, #pMovie, [#comment:"Which movie?", #default:"",

          return pList