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    something similar to lightbox for flash?

    slog70 Level 1

      Hi all,

      I'm searching something similar to the lightbox effect in javascript, but for flash.


      I already tried succesfully "flash lightbox v2" (http://blog.alancurtis.it/tag/flash/) but I'm searching something native for flash, without javascript.


      Is there something usefull around?





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          Andrei1 Level 6

          Lightbox like functionality in Flash is very basic and native to it. It is as simple as creating a displayobject, putting images on its display list and creating some transition effect with tween engine. But this requires knowledge of ActionScript.


          You can also do this these things on timeline manually.


          Because it is so basic, you, perhaps will not find any tutorials. Even beginner's level of Flash skills enables one to develop this kind of functionality.