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    AI changes filename with tilde symbol after saving


      I have a strange problem with Illustrator CS2. Before something about the situation: The PC (Windows XP SP3) is part of a domain and we use a file server where put the ai files.

      When I save (both from File-> Save or CTRL+S) a file of illustrator and I close, the name changes with the symbol of Tilde -> ˜ for example:

      ART31003 become ART31˜3




      NRM00M1 become NRM00˜


      This happens when I create or modify a file with my version of CS or when I try to modify files created with newly version, in 2 different computer, both on file server or in local path.


      When I select Save as and replace the file the name is kept correctly.


      I've already done the unistall and reinstall the product with the last Adobe updates.


      Any suggest will be appreciated