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    Axes problem on chart scrolling



      first of all sorry for my English!


      Well, i'm developing the scrolling of a chart: i mean, if i drag a chart, i can move around it while the axes just remain where they are: this is to navigate the chart when the start/end values are greater than the axes limits (both X y Y axes).


      The technique is simple: i just calculate the "delta" of the mouse when draggin (converting the x/y mouse coordinate in a chart value x/y coordinate) and changing the min/max values of the axes.


      The problem is with the movement on the vertical axis.. when i move the graph, i don't have a fixed label at the top of the vertical axis, but the labels move as i move the graph.. in this way, i don't always have a label at the very top of the vertical axis, and the desappearing/appearing of the labels make the graph "dancing".. is like the appearing of the next label for the axis make the axis/chart length change for a moment, or make the movement larger than really is.. this doesn't happen with the horizontal axis, even if the labels move and i don't have a label at the very end/beginning of the axis..


      It is a little hard to explain, i hope i've been clear..


      I don't know hot to fix it.. i was wondering if there is a way to put a value label at the very top/end of an axis no matter the maximum/minimum value of the displayed chart and no matter the distance from all the other labels in the axis.


      Well, thanks for reading all this and i hope someone can help me, it is an urgent thing.