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    IModuleInfo does not dispatch events!

    Francesco_C Level 1

      Hi at all


      i've a problem with IModuleInfo (ModuleManager.getModule('Dummy1.swf');).

      IModuleInfo instance don't dispatch ModuleEvent.READY, ModuleEvent.SETUP, ecc... events.


      This is the code.


                  import mx.events.ModuleEvent;
                  import mx.modules.IModuleInfo;
                  import mx.modules.ModuleManager;

                 // call on creationComplete event.
                  protected function initApp():void
                      var _info:IModuleInfo =
                      _info.addEventListener(ModuleEvent.SETUP, getModuleInfoSetup);
                      _info.addEventListener(ModuleEvent.READY, getModuleInfoReady);
                      _info.load(null, null, null, moduleFactory);               

                  protected function getModuleInfoSetup(evt:ModuleEvent):void
                      var _info:IModuleInfo = evt.target as IModuleInfo;
                  protected function getModuleInfoReady(evt:ModuleEvent):void
                      var _info:IModuleInfo = evt.target as IModuleInfo;



      Any suggests?