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    Unremovable added paragraph entry in text frame

    Pieter van de Sande Level 1

      Hi all,


      In my book, I have an introductory document which is the same for all books. Sort of a foreword. So I import this into an empty document which I then save and rename etc. In other words, the foreword is a regular text inset. For some reason, Framemaker adds the paragrap tag for title after/before the inset, while leaves me with a numbered blank entry in my toc and an ugly orange bar below my inset, which I usually use as part of the title layout. Not only the TOC entry is a nuisance, but also the fact that even after deleting the inset I cannot change or delete the paragraph tag. How can I fix/prevent this?





      Added screenshots show the document with the inset selected and the title paragraph underneath, and without the inset showing the unremovable and unchangeable paragraph tag. (the blue curly sign and orange bar)Clipboard02.jpgClipboard01.jpg