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    Air project works in test but fails when installed.


      I have a little project I'm trying to put together as a stand-alone widget.  It loads some sounds that are set up in sets and saved in a subdirectory of the application directory.  I have a movie clip in the library that appears when the "Config" button is pressed.


      Works great in test mode.  The sounds are loaded and play.  The config screen shows up when the button is pressed.  The components (two sliders) work and their listeners fire.  Wonderful!


      But when I pack it up as an installable AIR file and then actually install it on my poncuter, epic fail.  The sliders don't appear, the config button doesn't call up the configure movieClip and no sounds are played.  The buttons that I placed on the stage at design time appear but don't appear to function.  Nothing I added programmatically appears.


      Is this an Adobe CS3 problem or did I miss something in the security sandbox?  No files are being written to,  I'm getting a directory listing of ./sets and then opening the files in that directory where .isDirectory comes up false.  The files are XML and point to a folder off the ./sets folder and the files in that set.


      I could probably track this but I have no experience debugging an AIR project.  Trace is not working in development.  How do people debug the final?  Output to a dynamic text field?

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          thilgen Level 4

          Sorry to hear you are having a tough go of it...


          there should be no reasons that your application functions differently debugging than when you install the application so the behavior you are seeing is likely something easy to fix (as opposed to having to re-write a bunch of AS code :D).


          Couple of Questions:


          1.) Are you using CS3 as-is out of the box - or did you manually upgrade your AIR SDK inside Flash Professional to target a later version?


          2.) What version of AIR are you targeting?


          3.) What version of AIR do you have installed on your system?


          4.) What OS are you running on?


          5.) Can you install any AIR applications on your machine and have them run properly? (Bunch of AIR apps here: http://www.adobe.com/go/airmarketplace)


          6.) It sounds like you are likely using CS3 and not the command line tools - but if you are using the command line tools (ADT) to create your AIR package what command line do you use to create it?


          That should help get things rolling...but likely the best course of action is for you to send us your project so we can take a look. You can send your project to cthilgen at adobe.com - please do not send a zip as our mail system will auto-reject it.


          Also, you should be able to get trace output. If you are using CS3 the trace output goes to the output panel. (Windows->Output) If you are using the AIR command line tools (ADL) - debug output is enabled by default (you have to manually pass -nodebug to turn it off).


          Hope this helps.




          Chris Thilgen
          AIR Engineering

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            2reikis Level 1

            Oh, not really having a tough go of it.  I'm actually quite satisfied with the widget in it's test form and gratified I could use so much of my current skill set.  I am in uncharted territory with the finalization though.  I hope you're right and it is something simple.


            Couple of answers:


            1. I keep my CS3 pretty well updated and I think I manually upgraded the AIR SDK.  I downloaded a bunch of files and replaced the files in the /program files/Adobe/Adobe Flash CS3/AIK folder.  Export settings still specify AIR 1.0 and there are no other options so maybe there's a missing step there.
            2. Targeting AIR 1.0 as that is my only option in Publish Settings.  At least, the only one for AIR.
            3. AIR 1.5 is installed on system.
            4. OS is Windows XP, SP3
            5. I tried two different apps from the link you sent.  One failed with error 2032, the other (ChessJam) installed quite nicely.  I quickly lost to Waye, probably because my mind was not on the game, although Waye does play a mean Sicilian opening.
            6. I am using CS3.  Command>AIR - Create AIR File.  I note that on installation, all the files I need are where they should be including the sub-directory with the sound sets and the sub-sub-directories with the actual sound files.


            Trace absolutely will not work.  Does not work from the .fla, does not work from included files and does not work from the only custom class imported.  Output panel is blank.  I've been using a dynamic text box to debug.


            Thanks for helping out with this Chris.  I've been struggling with it for a few hours and I'm at my wits end.




            P.S. downloaded AIR 2.0 SDK and spent some time learning the command line syntax.  App worked as soon as I figured out the right commands.  Now why doesn't Flash CS3 work?