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    Can a Flash Projector be Customized Using Adobe Director?

    Webshark2000 Level 1

      I've created a Flash Projector file for a client which was placed on a CD and set to Autorun, but I'd like to remove the Adobe Flash Player info and menu off of it.


      We have a CD that a hospital made using Macromedia Director (not sure if they used Flash first or if it was all done in Director).  It does pretty much exactly what I'm wanting to do.  It opens up in the center of the screen, has no window border to it, no menus, etc and doesn't allow the user to move it around on the screen.  When you close it, a splash screen shows for a few seconds that says "Made with Macromedia", which I don't really mind although it would be nice if that didn't have to be shown every time you close.


      Just wondering if anyone has had experience with Adobe Director and if I could just take my Flash Projector and use Director to wrap it and get the customization I'm looking for.