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    FlexBuilder 3.2 - problem with iertutil.dll <--- what is it?


      I am trying to intsll FlexBuilder 3.2 in order to be backward compatable to the rest of my team. I have a copy of their installer and a valid company license. It installed fine but when I tried to launch it it came up with an error - "iertutil.dll not found". The program seemed to open and be usable although I haven't actually truied to do anything out of caution. So I found a copy of that dll file and as instructed on the iertutil.dll download site put that in the FlexBuilder jre/bin folder with the other dlls.


      Ok so now it comes up and launches but it says "cardinal 55 not found in iertutil.dll". I'm hoping to have my colleage send me that dll file from his installation and hope that will fix it. Anyone got any comments, suggestions or cautions about this?