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    No Adobeair.app after install on mac


      I am new to this. I installed adobe air for mac. After installation it loads the installer, uninstaller and dmg into utilitis. I am trying to use a treasury.air file given to me to upload files to a website. When clicking on it i get a message that airportutility.app won't open this file. Airportutility.app is my internet access and not adobe. It does not give me an option to choose another app. My belief is that there is no app. When i look for the adobe app it only lists the installer, uninstaller and dmg files. I think there should be an adobeair.app but there is not one. I downloaded this from the adobe site several times to the same result. How do i get this app?

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          thilgen Level 4

          Wow - unfortunate that the other application has registered for the .AIR file extension.


          Please try the following:


          - Rt-Click on the .AIR file you wish to install

          - Select 'Open With' and select the AIR Application Installer.

          - If AIR Application Installer is not available, you can use the 'Other' option in this menu to select the AIR Application Installer from the Applications/Utilities folder.


          Hope this helps.


          Chris Thilgen

          AIR Engineering