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    Minimizing size of an OSMF Player, but playing same types as OVP


      My company has a need to offer a range of players with different sizes and capabilities, and one of my concerns with OSMF is that a compiled is ~136k. Now that's with flash 10.1 enabled and the SMIL plugin - with just flash player 10 supported it comes in at ~107k.


      While (I see) OSMF as being the best current solution for HTTP Streaming - the OVP code base is a good choice for non-HTTP Streaming as it will support progressive, RTMP(VoD/Live), and Dyn.RTMP though SMIL files; and it comes in at a svelte ~26k compiled.


      If a client would have a need for a single capability player with everything but HTTP streaming, then I was planning to offer a player code base based on the OVP platform because of the size and the ability to play the standard formats as of now (not FMS 3.8).


      While there are some examples in OSMF (helloworld) that can compile down to ~36k (HelloWorld6), that only offers rtmp and progressive. However, as soon as you add a container or layout control, or additional types (not even getting to the SMIL plugin), it can jump to between ~45-80k. For my companies purposes, we can't modify any of the core OSMF code.


      And I'll post back here if I find a solution that would make OSMF support the same types as OVP while having the smallest possible foot print.

      If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.



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          ScreenName1710b Level 1

          Using the HelloWorld6.as example seems to provide a very small base, but it doesn't support two key features that OVP does, which is Dyn-RTMP/SMIL.


          Adding in the SMILElement (from the SMIL plugin source) doesn't seem to be a working solution, as it doesn't appear to work properly (just doing a simple replacement of the LightWeightVideoElement - displays nothing) - and also jumps the compiled version of the code up to ~95k.


          My guess at what would be required would be a new SMIL parser (not structured as a plugin) that doesn't use the media factory, and also add in the Dynamic streaming classes to correctly associate with the SMIL (I would guess that these are added when the SMIL element is but I could be wrong).

          I'd probably have to build in a better control system than just manually manipulating the traits.


          HelloWorld6 is a interesting example - but given that it only plays Progressive and simple RTMP at 36k (with no control system) - I'd debate if that's it's really that useful, as I can build a simple Progressive/RTMP player with straight AS3 code with a minimal control system for a compiled size of 6k (or even less).


          For now I've recommended that we continue to offer an OVP version, as I'm not seeing a great solution with OSMF that can get as small as the ~26k compiled code base.



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            ScreenName1710b Level 1

            That does confirm my suspicions, while the video with RTMP/MBR techincally would come to ~40k, that still doesn't include SMIL file support, and a very limited control set.

            While OVP might be in the process of "riding off into the sunset".. I think I can see uses for it in certain situations.

            Thanks again David.