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    Falling back to PE4, need advice on new laptop

    sholmlund Level 1

      I had some success with PE8 on a clean install of Windows 7 on a 1.86GHz core duo Sony laptop that was offline with no virus protection. But then I tried to capture video. I start recording and then can't stop. Computer freezes up COMPLETELY.


      Reboot. Clip somehow was captured but now the video won't play in the monitor window from the timeline. I can scrub fine.


      So, I return again to PE4.


      My question (and I'm sorry as I'm sure this has probably been addressed before): Are the laptop Windows Core i7 machines sufficient for PE8? I think they run at lower clocks than in the days when sheer GHz was king. Does GHz still reign supreme? Are you better off with an older CPU design that clocks faster?


      For a lot of reasons, I'd prefer a laptop and in 2010 have to believe that laptop editing is doable. I suspect I am riding the wrong software horse and am going to evaluate other options. Heck, I'm even thinking of going back to the Mac. I'm just wasting too much time.