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    Troulbe importing .aac

    Miles Emerson

      I've been using Premiere Elements 4 for a while and have never been able to import

      .aac file formats, despite the format beging listed as compatible.  I keep getting an error message stating: "File format not supported/One of the necessary components may not have been installed."  Well, I've installed/uninstalled the program more than once and simply cannot get it to work with .aac files--which is rough given that most of my music library is in iTunes and saved in the .aac format.  Any suggestions?  Do I need to convert the desired files to .wma or .mp3 format as I have been doing?  I'd rather not have to do this since it just wastes space on the hard drive for redundant files.  Thanks for any help or suggestions you can offer.  I hope this is just a bone-headed error on my part and easily worked around.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Where is this audio file from?


          Many downloaded music files are copy protected (iTunes for instance) and will throw up an error code when you try to add them to a project.

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            Miles Emerson Level 1

            That's an excellent point, Steve, and one I haven't considered since most of my library was imported from CDs; however, the file I am currently having an issue with was bought online from iTunes.  Thing is, I made an .mp3 version of the file and all is working as expected.  I should also add that I first exported the files to a CD for playing away from the computer.  I then imported the CD onto a laptop where I have Premiere currently installed.  Importing from the CD in .aac format produced the familiar error message.  Reimporting the CD as an .mp3 collection worked just fine.  It's a real head-scratcher for me.  Is it possible that there is an install option/feature that I have failed to implement?  Or is there some subsequent setting after install that I have failed to adjust?

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              >Importing from the CD


              Well... a CD is, by nature a "set in glass" write protected medium when it comes to editing


              I would not expect a direct import from CD/DVD to work properly... you need to copy the files to hard drive first

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                Miles Emerson Level 1

                Thank you for your respose.  Perhaps I should have been more clear.  When I said "import" I meant to the hard drive, not directly into Premiere.  Importing them to the hard drive as .aac does not work and produces the error message mentioned above.  Importing them to the hard drive as .mp3 files has no issues.  Unfortunately, most of my library is in .aac format and i would like to avoid having to replicate files every time I incorporate them into Premiere.

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Unfortunately, it may well be that, with your configuration, Premiere Elements can only play WAVs and MP3s. (Everyone's mileage varies somewhat.)


                  Updating to the latest version of Quicktime may make a difference. But maybe not. AAC files are just non-standard enough (By default, iTunes uses m4ps) that they may not work in Premiere Elements on your machine.