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    Only 'runs as admin' on Vista!

    Xposure Interactive Level 1

      I have a project which for some unknown reason will only run on vista if the .exe name is prefixed with 'setUp', i.e. is set to 'run as administrator'. This of course throws up the ugly UAC messages from windows.


      The application runs fine on XP and 7 without the need to run as administrator. The application acceses a couple of api functions (one custom .api) and interacts with a .mdb using the ADO Xtra.


      Any suggestions?


      I've gone to the trouble of buying comodo codeSigning to get rid of any Windows messages only to be faced with being forced to accept another.

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          Mike Blaustein Level 4

          The primary reason why programs need to run as Admin on Vista (and Win 7) is if they need to write to a protected area of the hard drive.  On XP, the whole hard drive is pretty much wide open, but on more recent versions of Windows, a standard user only has write access to the user folder.  That means places like Program Files are readable, but not writable.  If your program needs to write to the program's folder (to set preferences or something), and that program is installed in Program Files (or any other non-user folder), then it will fail unless it is run as admin.  For example, if your mdb database is not in the user folder, then it will not be writable.


          The standard way to deal with that is to make sure that any user preferences or anything that the user needs to be able to edit is put into the user folder.  Some place like My Documents would be safe.  BuddyAPI (baSysFolder) can tell you a bunch of the appropriate places.

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            Xposure Interactive Level 1

            Thanks for your help.


            The application is delivered on a usb flash drive and writes the users' data back to the .mdb on the drive itself. Is there any other way to overcome this need to run as administrator?

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              Xposure Interactive Level 1

              'Run As Administrator' also throws up a problem when the user exits the program in windows 7 with a message stating 'compatability issue with adobe director projector' with two options; the top one being 'use the recomended settings' and the bottom option being 'installed correctly'.


              I don't really want to run the program as administrator but in vista I have no access to the usb partition that holds the program's database.