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    Framing a photo


      Hello, I am a "beginner" Illustrator user.  I have created a house that is just black and white - just the basic outline of a house.  I have a photos that a I want to be 'framed" by the house.  How can I go about doing that?  I have tried a few different items, but nothing is working.  Suggestions are much apprecited thanks!

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          Steve Fairbairn Level 5

          Select your "house" and put it immediately in front of the photo.

          (Cmd-X, select photo, Cmd-F)

          Then Object: Clipping Mask: Make.

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            kreznik829 Level 1

            Thanks Steve!  I have been trying that, but it takes away a portion of my house.  I am sure there is something I did incorrectly - any ideas?  When I made the house I just used a serious of lines and the house has some text inside it as well.  I grouped the text and all o fthe lines together and then tried to make the clipping mask, but it deletes half of my house and text.

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              Steve Fairbairn Level 5

              Your clipping mask should consist of the outline of the house only.

              Make sure that all the corners are properly joined so that the house is a simple closed polygon.


              If you like you can take a copy of this path and paste that in front of the photo. Use it as your mask.


              Remember to use Cmd-F to make sure that the pasted object in correctly positioned.

              Try fiddling with that and see if you now get the right results.

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                Steve Fairbairn Level 5

                Another thing:

                Remember that you can also add other objects to your masked photo by pasting them behind the masking line (Cmd-B with the mask only selected).

                That way they will become part of the masked group.

                If you are new to Illie it may be less confusing for you to work with layers, putting your masked stuff on a separate layer. This makes editing simpler because you can temporarily turn off other layers.