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    Re-Color Art shifts colors around? How do I assign colors?

    Mojorocker1964 Level 1

      How do I get the Re-color art to leave the assigned colors where they are. I have an item that comes in various color combinations. When I select re-color art and click on a pre saved color group, recolor art remaps the colors to different areas. I have a bag line featuring different cloth colors and the thread is a different color than the fabric. When I click on the next color group the color for the thread is assigned to the fabric with no rhyme or reason. If I could change the item color by using this tool, then it would be massively useful when a minute change in the item occurs. Rather than having to change 200 templates 1 at a time, I would only need to change 1 template that has all 200 color groups stored in it. That saves thousands of dollars in tedious modifications. If the only thing that recolor art does is shift colors around and allow you to effect hues and saturations, then it's useless for my needs. Cute parlor trick though.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Umm, did you prepare your swatch groups properly? You know, if they exist, the tool uses them... Sounds like you are shifting blame on the tool when you didn't set it up correctly in the first place. All you need is those 200 color groups.



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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

            What you want is a feature request I made that my one day become part of the Live Color feature.


            But sadly it is not even though it would complete the recolor art tool.


            The way the feature would work is that you could tag tag a color and any item current holding that color would be tag accordingly.


            The you can tag the colors in a group accordingly as well and perhaps even control click in the order of tagging and give a command to tag those colors in that order. It would then arrange the colors in the group accordingly as well.


            This way when you chose the color group it colored the items that use pink with red and not some other color of the same gray value as well wgich is what is happening.


            It is not a bug but a limitation.


            Fortunately Adobe had an engineer that understood this and could do something about it as well as add a stroke and fill option to the feature.


            Unfortunately she got fired.


            I only know this because I made such a feature request and she wanted to clarify the idea and see if she understood it correctly so she contacted me.
            he understood it and indicated that it was obvious once someone mentioned it and may actually of been an easier way of making this feature in the first place.


            It will not be fixed Adobe does not see how important managing color with Illustrator is and how many mire users would purchase the license if this was so.


            Just the textile industry would probably double the numbers especially with a real step and repeat feature.


            But it is like talking to a brick wall.

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              Mojorocker1964 Level 1



                   A bit touchy aren't we. The sarcasim is paletible. As for "prepare your swatch groups properly". The answer is yes. This is how I change colors on simple one or two color objects already. My statement had nothing at all to do with blaming any one or thing least not you Mylenium. I asked a question, which you obviously didn't read. If your not going to offer a solution or advice, may I make a suggestion Mr. Community Professional? Prove your acreditation and answer the question instead of playing protagionist. Just so you fully understand, here it is again in a much more simplified way...Right Mylenium.


                   Let's pretend your doing designs for a wash rag company. These wash rags have a solid field with different color trim. All of the rags are pastel in the field, and the boarder's are all in neon colors. Got it so far. I could slow down. Now, you have a total of 10 different rags. Each one you group, open up the Re-colr art menu, sample the colors in rag number one (Let's call this Peach Neon Green). Still with me? Then select new color group. We then name it Peach Neon Green and close the menu. OK  heres where it gets tricky. Now we create another rag and we color it Lavender and Electric Blue and follow the steps above just as we did before. Suddenly the phone rings and the customer wants to change the lavender and electric blue back to the peach neon green. (Lets pretend there are 40 or 50 color combinations by now.) Simple right! Just open the Re-color art! Right Mylenium! Wait! Why is the Neon green the rag color and now the Peach is the trim color? It is as though the tool is randomly assigning the colors where ever it wants. Get it Mylenium?


                   Some times we start to answer the question even before we fully comprehend it. Right Mylenium! Now be a good Expert of the community and go get me a Juice Box.


                   Do you understand now Juice Box? Oh, sorry that's my pet name for you.

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                Mojorocker1964 Level 1

                Thanks Wade, I just needed to know if this was something that this tool could do. Apparently not. It still has alot of good functions though, like finding the PMS match for ant CMYK colors you may have. LOVE that. I think I would have called it color spinner though.

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                  Michael Riordan Adobe Community Professional

                  I'm not sure i completely understand your problem, but it sounds like you want to be able to just adjust the thread color (which is the same everywhere?) across a wide assortment of other, multicolored objects. If that's correct, have you considered the older, less flashy but very useful Global Color option in the swatches panel?

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                    Michael Riordan Adobe Community Professional

                    Global swatches act like character styles or paragraph styles do for text. Namely, you create a global color and apply it throughout your document. When changes are required to that color, you don't have to select all of the instances of that color, you simply go to the swatch panel, edit the swatch and everywhere it had been applied in the art instantly changes to match the swatch.


                    All pantone or spot colors are global by default but most CMYK mix swatches are not. You can tell if a swatch is global because it has a little white triangle in the lower right corner of the swatch (spot colors such as pantones also have a little black dot or "spot" in this triangle but global CMYK mixes just have the triangle).


                    Global is an option for a swatch. to apply it to a normal swatch, double click the swatch and turn on the feature. It is not retroactive however. You need to apply a global version first to have the art respond to changes to the swatch panel.