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    Why is RoboHelp renaming renaming the files I import?


      I don't do anything but apparently RoboHelp had an brain hemmorage and end result is that a bunch of html files I had imported into the project suddenly were renamed, and all of them are named the same thing. This gets a little complicated, but here goes. After this little incident where RoboHelp went bonkers, I looked in a folder I had imported some html files into. They started out EPIC001.htm, EPIC002.htm, EPIC003.htm, etc., when I imported them into my project and had stayed that way until this happened, but now they are all have a topic name of "Rack Row 53 - Cross Section T through V" which, for one thing is meaningless, because there's nothing in any of the files with this text (I mean we have a row 53, but this cross section stuff, I have no idea where that's pulling from).  Anyway, what's totally bizarre, is that there are 19 files and they are all named exactly the same thing which is stupid because you'd think that if you would actually try to import files with identical names it wouldn't let you do that.  So I deleted the topics and reimported the files, but the topic names are still the "Rack Row 53..." deal.  OK, lets look at what happens when I double-click on the topic.  I get an error message that says: "....EPIC001.htm is associated with a 3rd party editor and may be open in the editor.  If so please close the file in the other application before continuing."  OK, also WRONG because I do not have the file open anywhere, but hey lookie, RoboHelp knows what the file should be called, so why did it name the topic something completely different?  Click through the message, and no harm, no foul, my page pops up.  Now I need to know a few things.  1. Why did the topic names of my files change to something unrecognizable when I imported reimported them and how do I get them to keep the file name they had when they were imported?  Remember, when I had imported them originally they kept the file name as their topic name. 2nd, why did they get renamed to the name they currently have since it doesn't make any sense and how can they have the same name without RoboHelp thowing some kind of error?  3rd, how can I get things back to the way they were before all of this happened?  I had a copy of all the files stored on a separate box, but when I copy them back on my PC to edit them, it changes all the topic names to the same thing and is no different from the working copy I already have.  I used to love Adobe products, but this bad experience is really frustrating and I'm beginning to doubt my love.  At least when Microsoft products screw up, you can usually tell what went wrong.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          On your keyboard you should see a big key with an arrow pointing down and then left. It is commonly called the Enter key. A lot of us use it to create paragraphs to make text more readable.


          A single folder in Windows cannot hold more than one file with the same name. Are you saying it is just the Topic Name that is the same or the File Names. I think you are just referring to Topic Names but want to be absolutely sure.


          You say RoboHelp had a hemorrhage. Do you just mean this problem arose or something went bang and then you found this problem. If the latter, what happened?


          Have you tried deleting the CPD file and reopening RoboHelp?

          You imported files, do you still have the files in their original format? If so have you looked at the HTML there for clues? In particular, what does the <title> tag show?


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