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    Strategies for supporting international keyboards in Flash


      I have been seeing some interesting behavior in a Flash/Flex app around use of international keyboards.  For example, in one case I have extended the TextInput field to implement special behavior when the user presses the hyphen key ("-").  The custom behavior we have added to the text field is that whenever the hyphen key is pressed to automatically pad the numbers typed in previously with zeros out to 6 digits.  So if the user types in "5-" the text input field will show "000005-". 


      On a French keyboard the hyphen character shares a key with the numeral 6, and in order to enter the numeral key the user must have CapsLock on.  What we have seen is that when configured for a French locale and keyboard it appears that when CapsLock is on and the user types the 6/- key only once both the 6 and - characters are sent to the text field and what is displayed is: "000006-".  This makes it impossible for the  user to type in a value like "606060-". since the first 6 will cause the behavior described above.  


      I've read that doing this kind of processing in a TextEvent handler is one possible fix and I am going to try that.  However, we are seeing many other issues related to differences between international keyboards.  I was wondering of there are any general strategies for implementing consistent and correct support for international keyboards in Flash/Flex.  Any ideas are welcome.  Thanks.