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    AI CS3 to PDF CS3 trapping and object layer issues

    mrsnak Level 1

      After installing my CS3 Suite (and all updates) on a new Mac Pro with Snow Leopard, I am now having several prepress departments coming back to me that my press ready PDF are having trapping, RGB and layering issues.


      My PDFs look fine to me, but on certain files, some black objects will overprint, and they say that other colors are not trapping properly.

      Many of these files are identical to ones that had printed properly in the past, so I know that something is going on with the new install. Don't know if this is an AI or Acrobat problem.

      For now, I've had to send all my press ready files as tifs, which is not making me happy at all. I've used this copy of CS on 3 machines over 3 years now, and never experienced a problem like this.


      Any thoughts?