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    mx.core.Singleton in Flex 4

    r.schmitt-lwkPIe Level 1

      Hey everyone,


      I want to override the default behavior of the Flex framework PopUpManager. I found a few helpful links on how to accomplish this: http://cookbooks.adobe.com/index.cfm?event=showdetails&postId=13828


      It suggests registering a custom IPopUpManager implementation with the system singleton registry before the default framework implementation is registered by using this line of code in an application preloader:


      mx.core.Singleton.registerClass("mx.core.IPopUpManager", Class(my.domain.managers.MyPopUpManager));


      However, it seems as if the mx.core.Singleton class has been removed in Flex 4. Is this the case? Is there another way to access the application singleton registry?


      Thanks for any help,