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      Adobes After effects is something which has been my favourite when it comes to creating motion graphics in the process of film making.

      Creativity is onething which gets stucked in my mind whenever i think of graphics.

      Based upon my knowledge and the craze of creating something out of my creative mind, I decided to make few videos out of after effects using some special effects.


      However in the process of creation, I faced 1 big problem and that is the rendering time. And few other times, the entire application got crashed all of a sudden again i had to restart the application. My search for the solution brought me upto this page. In the meantime I learnt 1 method of reducing the rendring time (atleast by 30%) and that is by the use of proxies inside after effects.


      Now comming to the possible effects you can create with after effects, theres no end to creativity, each one has varying degrees of creative ideas.


      Here below are the links to my creations:


      I am in need of suggestions and some tips so that i can improve my creativity and come up with some of the best possible effects with after effects.