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    Numbers missing at end of TOC headings

    Athena Mondello

      I'm using RH8 HTML with linked Word 2007 source files. I've noticed that when I have a heading that ends in a number, RH cuts that number off in the TOC of my help build (WebHelp output). The screenshots below show an example of how my Word TOC looks and how the RH WebHelp output looks (the missing numbers are highlighted).


      So far, I've been manually modifying the RH TOC to fix this. I have to modify the RH TOC after I update the linked Word file in RH but before I generate a new help build. If I make updates in the linked Word file and update it again in RH, it overwrites those manual TOC edits.


      Is there some kind of setting or workaround for heading formats that I can use in either Word or RH to avoid this problem?


      Thanks in advance for your time.