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    Cannot Validate Configuration :: ( With Coldfusion / Flash Remoting )


      Every time I try to create a new flex project with coldfusion flash remoting I keep getting the error:

      "Cannot access the web server. The Server may not be running, or the web root URL may be invalid."


      Im running IIS with Coldfusion 8 on a windows 2003 server.

      ( Flash remoting & live cycle are turned on in the coldfusion server settings )


      I selected standalone for the installation type.


      ColdFusion root folder = Z:\

      ( Z:\ = Coldfusion8 folder on our webserver )


      Web Root = S:\

      ( S:\ = root folder on the IIS server )


      Root URL = https://<mywebserver>.edu

      ( <mywebserver> being the base url for the IIS server )