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    ControlBarContent not showing up in AIR app?


      I am building an eBook reader application, and for demonstration purposes, have built it using the controlBarContent spark tag.

      I created the application initially as a Flex Project that runs on the Web (Flash Player 10).

      I wish to convert it into a Desktop AIR application as a demo to some people. I convert the Web app into an Air application, but when I export it as a release build and install/run the application, the control bar does NOT show up at the top of the screen, where I placed it. The application runs like normal, but the control bar is not visible at all.


      Now, this poses quite an issue as my main form of navigation is on that controlBar. I tried explicitly setting the controlBarVisible attribute to true, but still same problem.


      Is there any reason why the controlBar shows up fine when I run it in Flex as a Web app, but not when I convert it into and run it as an AIR application?


      Possible reasons why (I am only listing things I think may be issues):

      1. I didn't start the application as an AIR app, and the conversion from WEB to AIR causes an issue

      2. AIR doesn't support controlBar.

      3. I messed up setting the controlBarVisible (which I thought was default=true anyways)