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    i need to "read" a string....

      Please, excuse my poor engilsh...

      I have one txt file with some variables. I want to choose dynamic what variable from them i want to use. Lets say that the txt file has the following:

      If I want to place the t2 into a textbox (calld textbox1) i can simply do:

      LoadvariablesNum ("file.txt", 0);

      Now I'm creating a variable with some calculations to define what from t1or t2 i need .. f.e.

      var page=2
      var iwant="_root.t"+page

      the problem i have is that when now i'm trying


      instead to have the t2 result i'm getting "_root.t2"

      I need your help. How i can declare that the "iwant" is something that i want to read? not just write?

      Thank you very much for your timeText