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    Movie clips not "sticking" to armature correctly- help!


      I am admittedly a self-taught Flash user, just getting in to using bones and armatures, and I'm working on something fairly simple- a spider. Lots of siblings, but not a terribly complicated structure given that I'm only trying to animate the legs. I've been struggling for several hours with it because it seems like as a build the armature (even if I do all of the restrictions as I go) the symbols and rotation points drift away from each other and get completely wonky as I test each joint. Not just a little bit- to the point where the symbols are no longer touching, despite the fact that they were overlapping to begin with. I feel like I have to go back and reposition each symbol and joint every time I add or move something, and it's incredibly frustrating. I'm getting ready to just set up a completely different armature for each leg, which seems completely ridiculous and like it shouldn't be necessary.


      The bone tool also doesn't always place the joint where I tell it to- I'll have it hovering over the exact point where I want it to connect, and when I release, it will sometimes snap to a point, usually on the edge of the symbol. Oh, and the rotation restriction graphics on the armature itself are completely off from the numbers in the properties panel. No, it's not a pirated version of Flash, and the problem has now persisted for a few days over multiple files.


      I'm generally good at troubleshooting these kinds of things, but I'm stumped! I've read and watched most of the reputable tutorials out there to see if I'm somehow missing a step, and while I picked up some good tips, no one addressed these problems.


      Am I completely missing a step or somehow not communicating to Flash that when I put a joint somewhere, I want it right there, and to STAY right there? I understand that as you manipulate the bones, it affects the other joints in the parent/child structure, but it shouldn't be affecting anything else right? ANY insight that you can provide is very, very welcome!