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    Text Area Content Display in Browser






      I am getting data back from a web service in plain text format that I want to display in a text area.  When i trace the output in the eclipse console, the data displays correctly in columns as shown below.


      Im displaying the text in my flex app in a text area like this


      <mx:TextArea x = "10"
                            y = "228"
                            id = "alarmDetailsDescription"
                            height = "165"
                            width = "702"
                            wordWrap = "true"
                            editable = "false"



      However in the browser, it looks like this




      The text does not align correctly.  I'm not sure if this is a browser issue but it looks the same in firefox and ie.  If i copy the text above and paste back into an editor like notepad it looks fine.


      Any suggestions on how to align this properly in flex in the browser?  I'm using flex builder 3