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    Oversaturated colors on exporting from CS5.

    mary morgian

      Hi everybody,

      I'd like to try to ask to the forum something that I'm not able to understand.

      I just downloaded the trial of the new flash cs5 and I was playing around to have a look at the new version.


      What I did:

      - picked a png file of a logo, previously exported from illustrator and imported in flash, then exported the whole thing in swf, then embedded in an html page and looked at it on a wide gamut monitor on safari: colors oversaturated, just like when opening, in photoshop, a picture which has no profile;

      - tryed again, this time opening the png in photoshop, assigning srgb profile and re-saving the png: again oversaturated;

      - tryed again, importing directly the illustrator file, which already was srgb: oversaturated.


      Meanwhile, a friend made an flv from an mp4 of mine, which is a slide show of jpeg srgb pictures, and when he embedded it on my site, I saw again wrong colors.


      I'm wondering if it depends on my wide gamut monitor, on flash, on safari, or what else.


      Did anyone noticed this thing? Any hint?


      Thank you, hope someone can help!