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    2D Array question

    WestSide Level 1



      I have two arrays, call them arrOne and arrTwo


      How can I put arrTwo inside of the first position in arrOne

      So say I have values like this in arrOne:


      <cfset arrOne = ArrayNew(1)>
      <cfset arrOne[1] = "John">
      <cfset arrOne[2] = "Paul">

      <cfset arrTwo = ArrayNew(1)>
      <cfset arrTwo[1] = "Fruit">
      <cfset arrTwo[2] = "Meat">

      I want to put arrTwo inside of arrOne in the first position.  I tried using ArrayInsertAt, but it overwrote the
      first position which is not what I want.  The insert shouldn't overwite John's name. It should appear nested under it

      I'm trying to somehow get arrTwo into arrOne[1][1]... something like that...

      Any help appreciated...


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          Dan Bracuk Level 5

          Initialize your array as 2D.

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            Adam Cameron. Level 5

            CF doesn't really have the concept of multi-dimensional arrays like other languages might, it just effects the same result by allowing any given array element to be, itself, an array.


            So there's no trick to doing what you want: just prepend your second array to the first one.


            That said, a 2-D array is seldom the best data structure for most requirements. What is the nature of your data? Are you sure you'd not be better off with an array of structs, or possibly having a struct with an element that is an array?





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              insuractive Level 3

              I would agree with Adam regarding the structures.  However, if you need to go down the array route, you're looking for syntax like this:


              <cfset arrTwo = ArrayNew(1)>
              <cfset arrTwo[1] = "Fruit">
              <cfset arrTwo[2] = "Meat">

              <cfset arrOne = ArrayNew(2)>
              <cfset arrOne[1][1] = "John">

              <cfset arrOne[1][2] = arrTwo>