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    using multiple <img src /> with htmlText --display problem

      I need help.
      I am using multiple <img src /> tag with htmlText and pictures displays in layers(overlay)?

      html_txt.html = true;
      html_txt.htmlText = "text<br><img src = ' http://picture1.jpg 'width='500' height='491' hspace='0' /><br>more text<br><img src = ' http://picture2.jpg' width='299' height='612' hspace='101' ><br>end with text";

      Is there any way to refresh text field when pictures are fully loaded so it will display like regular html page?

      this is flash version, evrything is shown but it is not right.

      I want to show them like this page.

      I tried onEnterFrame but pictures will not show. I think it is because it is trying to load pictures everytime. So I cannot use onEnterFrame, i need other way to refresh text field.

      Please help me. you might of guessed I am not an English speaker, so my English might be little off.
      Thank you.