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    bookmarks in Flash Builder

    dmodie Level 1

      Eclipse has a very useful bookmark feature where you hitt ctrl F2 to make one, and F2 to cycle through.  It speeds up development significantly for me.  I know flash builder 4 has the bookmark feature but is there a way to make it fast?  I don't want to give it a frickin' name, and I don't want to click in a window to get back to it.  I just want to mark them and then cycle through.  thanks

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          JabbyPandaUA Level 3

            Unfortunately, I do not think it is possible to assign a custom keyboard shortcut for iterating over the Bookmarks set in Flash Builder 4.


            Seems it is only possible to assign a custom keyboard shortcut for the new Bookmark creation operation and

          to bring Bookmarks View into the opened Eclipse  perspective.

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            davedev066 Level 1

            If I understand you correctly, I think this is possible. You'll need to add your shortcut keys under Preferences>General>Keys. So, assign a shortcut to "Add Bookmark" The other thing is you need to add Bookmarks to be included in next/previous navigation under Preferences/General/Editors/Text Editors/Annotations. Then "Next Annotation" will go to bookmarked items.