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    mp4 resolution option issues


      I have created a 720p video that I want to place on my website at half the size, 640X360. I can create a .mov file at these dimensions, but I don't seem to get the options to make a .mp4 file at these dimensions using After Effects 6.5. I've tried using QuickTime but that has just given me odd results for an .mp4 file. I have gotten good results creating .m4v files however. Is there a way to create a .mp4 with these dimensions?

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          Is there a way to create a .mp4 with these dimensions?


          No. Not with AE and not with that old version you have, anyway. All MPEG-4/ H.264 output is tied to specific format constraints for resolutions and framerates, which can partially be overcome by using different MPEG levels, but not for every arbitrary combination of settings. Anyway, as I said, it's a moot point with your version. You will have to render out an uncompressed clip from AE and thne use other tools like TMPEG, MPEG Streamclip, ffmpeg, SUPER©, ProCoder, Squeeze etc.