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    Premiere Pro Random Pan and Zoom with video


      I know that Premiere Pro cannot do it. I know that Encore can generate slideshows with random pan and zoom.


      What I need is a way to apply random pan and zoom to stills and then edit video in between the stills.


      I know I can do it in Encore, but I need more video editing/video FX/audio functionality for the video editing.


      So, I guess my question is does anyone know if there is a 3rd party plug-in that can generate a slideshow within Premiere Pro?


      Right now I use a plug-in for Sony Vegas Pro from Vasst, but they don't make the same thing for Premiere Pro.


      I sure wish Premiere had scripting like Photoshop.


      Thanks in advance for your help,



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          Royhessey Level 1

          I stand to be corrected, but I think you could produce your slideshow in Encore then after building the DVD  grab the VOB file and re- edit in Premiere.


          Hope that works for you.

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            darinf1 Level 1

            I know I could render a video clip out from Encore, but I need to edit in video clips BETWEEN the slides in the slideshows with crossfades.


            I have found many tutorials on rendering slideshows out as video clips and then importing them ino Premiere, but that won't work for me.


            I guess I should have been more specific.


            In Vegas Pro, I usually import all the stills and apply random pans and zooms and have 1 second crossfades between each still.


            Then I take my video clips and edit them in between some of the slides and crossfade from the video to the stills.


            So what I need are the stills placed on the timeline with pans and zooms as individual clips so I can edit them.


            Also, I need to edit everything at 1080p.


            Oh well, maybe I should just writ a plug-in. Seems like a pretty simple function. It's also why many people use ProShow.





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              I just needed to do the same thing, wishing that Premiere had the "Random Pan & Zoom" feature that Encore does. I did find a work around. Create the slideshow in Encore, then render it. When you render it, it creates a video clip of each photo with the Pan Zoom on it. Now, open the folder where you saved the slide show, go to "Cache", then "Adobe Adobe Encore DVD Preview Files", then "mlf.cache.PRV". This folder contains each photo rendered as a video clip with the pan zoom.


              Simply import these files into Premiere, and now you can arrange and edit as you please. The only trick is you need to know how long to make each photo before rendering in Encore, unless you want to individually change the length of each clip.


              Good luck!

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                darinf1 Level 1

                Thanks for the tip Reddmud. I will have to give that a try. I usually leave the

                duration of the stills the same, so your work around may work for me.


                I'll give it a try...



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Unfortunately, I do not know of such a plug-in for Premiere.


                  Most treat each still image as unique, so random Pans and Zooms are not of much use, since the editor wants to focus on a particular aspect of each image, and there is not much need for an Effect that is random.


                  Still, the request does come up from time to time, so there must be a market for such. With the Premiere SDK, I would assume that someone could write such a plug-in, if they thought the market was adequate for it.


                  One workflow change will get you what you want, without having to later edit with MPEG-2 files - the Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements bundle will do just what you want. One has pretty full features for a SlideShow in PSE, and it can be sent, like ADL (Adobe Dynamic Link) directly to PrE. PSE has a random Pan & Zoom Effect included. One can then Break Apart the PSE SlideShow, and can even edit the random Pan & Zooms to alter them, or insert Video, where required. If the loss in quality, from re-editing MPEG-2 is a concern, this program duo would do just what you want. I would suggest doing an Export from PrE, and then Importing that file into Encore, which offers so much more power, than does the authoring modules in PrE.


                  Good luck,



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                    reddmud Level 1

                    I did the encore to premiere trick this weekend and it worked great. I had 182 photos, so I had to create two slideshows (Encore will only allow you to do 99 pictures per slideshow). Imported the individual clips into premiere, inserted the video clips every 10 photos to break them up, and I have a great looking video that only took barely over an hour. Good luck and let me know if this works out for you.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      One could also use ProShow Gold, or Producer (SlideShow production programs), to do the SlideShows, and then Export from there to Import into PrPro. Encore has the 99 limit, due to the DVD specs. The ProShow line is not working with the DVD-specs., so is free to produce larger SlideShows.


                      Not sure now, if I mentioned it above, but the Adobe "bundle" of PSElements and PrElements can do the same, and they have many more "automatic" functions, unlike PrPro does.


                      Good luck, and glad that Encore worked for you.



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                        darinf1 Level 1

                        Yes, ProShow will do great slideshows, but it's video support is marginal at best. Maybe the latest version has better video support, but in the past, when I have tried it, using 1080p video caused huge slow downs and crashes. The video playback was also not real-time.


                        The reason why I want to use Premiere is that I also use various effects plug-ins which are not available in ProShow.


                        So ProShow is not really an option, but it may work for others who don't need the added functionality of Premiere.



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                          darinf1 Level 1

                          Oh yes, I forgot to mention that the problem with exporting from ProShow is that you can't break apart the slides

                          if you use cross fades. You would have to know in advance where you wanted to add video

                          clips and then render each piece to import into Premiere.


                          Fro me that's too much work just to add pans and zooms to a slideshow.



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                            the_wine_snob Level 9



                            I was thinking of doing just the SlideShows in ProShow, and Importing that into PrPro for final editing with Video.


                            Good luck,



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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              That is one of the nice features of using PSE/PrE. When you transfer your PSE SlideShow to PrE (kind of like with Adobe Dynamic Link in CS5), you CAN break apart the SlideShow, and alter Transitions, plus easily add Video.


                              Good luck,




                              PS - one does need the same versions of PSE and PrE to do this direct transfer, without intermediate Export files.

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                                davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                                I realize you need to be able to insert video segments between stills... why can't you just create and export and then use the razor tool to cut your slideshow video where you want to insert your video clips?  I'm thinking that if you did it right, you could pretty easily mask the old cross dissolve from the pictures with a new dissolve in PrPro... then you could take your output from Encore or ProShow...

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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                  That would work too. Unlike using Video, when you have stills, there is no concern with Duration, or Handles. One could just Cut out any Transitions, Click-drag on the Head/Tail of the stills to get their Duration back, then just add the Video to Ripple, and add back the desired Transitions.


                                  Lots of ways to address this need.


                                  To the OP, good luck, and hope that something fits your workflow.



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                                    darinf1 Level 1

                                    Correct me if I am wrong, but if I export video from ProShow with pans and zooms and cross fades, then if I need to cut the transitions out and extend the video clip of the moving still, don't I lose some image quality and the motion of the image may no longer be as smooth.


                                    Of course the speed of the move will also be affected when the clip is stretched.


                                    Yes, editing with non-moving stills would work, but the whole point of this process is to create stills with randomized pans and zooms.



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                                      davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                                      Actually, I think Hunt missed something when he suggested just cutting and extending your clip with handles... if you're working with a video rendered from ProShow or Encore back in Premiere, you couldn't do that (and even if you could, you'd end up with a still image where you adjusted your handles instead of the continuation of your random pan/zoom). Your image quality will probably be degraded if you export from ProShow or Encore and then re-import to Premiere, unless you're able to export to a lossless codec from one of those programs; however, unless you're delivering in HD, I'm not sure you'd experience enough image degradation to make that in issue--especially if you're careful with your export settings from one of those other programs.


                                      This forum has the best pros with Premiere in the world, and they've said a plugin like you're needing doesn’t exist for Premiere. I'm not sure I'd consider myself a "pro" with it, but I have been using it since 6.0 and am quite adept with it. To do what you are wanting isn't available in Premiere. I think we've given you some good options to work with, but short of using a different program, it looks like you're just going to have to do some legwork on this.

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                                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                                        That is correct. I forgot that you were creating an AV file FROM the stills. Ignore my comments. You can see who does not address the random Pan & Zooms often. Same thing for random Transitions - I usually limit myself to but a very few, unless I have a very compelling reason to go beyond that few.


                                        Sorry about that,



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                                          HarleyTDavis Level 2

                                          Old post, but I recently was asked to do just this operation!  Glad I went and downloaded the Encore CS6 bundle that you get with Creative Cloud.  I always have to deliver in multiple formats.  So many people will say "DISC is DEAD!" but they have dumped it themselves, without regard for clients or school projects.  Every workshop or class I attend to continue education has a need for disc, usb, and online delivery at different times in the class, mainly for displaying in different ways.

                                          The method mentioned in this forum is awesome for that job.  I do a lot of Nonprofit and educational work that requires this type of edit, and it just makes things so much more intuitive to be able to do it all in the same suite, with similar control structure.

                                          I wonder if this capability has been added to premiere yet?  I've been looking.

                                          I saw this in After Effects a long time ago, but for Premiere, nada.  Hope it has been added.  If anybody here could let me know... ...It would be appreciated.  I'll be checking the documentation; it isn't exactly perfect (hey, in this life, what is?), but it may have some insight.  Thanks for the info here.  I appreciate your work guys.