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    Codec help for Bridge

    Curt Y Level 7

      I have some videos that are x.avi that have a codec of h.264/AVC.

      These play just fine on Bridge but I do not get a thumbnail.

      With the move to CS5 I was excited that my old .avi files showed a thumb, but with this codec it does not.


      Since I know the codec can one download it and install (where?) so Bridge can find it?


      Windows read the thumbs.


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I'd recommend you post this question to one of the CS5 forums rather than the Premiere Elements forum, Curt, since Premiere Elements doesn't include Bridge in its bundle.


          But, in the meantime, I'd definitely recommend you go to Apple.com and download the latest version of Quicktime, which includes that codec.

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            Curt Y Level 7

            OK,  will try another site, although most contributers visit both sites.


            Downloaded and installed latest Apple Quicktime.  Checked Bridge and no change in reading .avi.  A cache purge did not change anything  either.