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    Want advice about learning path

    marguerites_feet Level 1

      I want to take the Flex in a Week course.


      The class descriptions says I need familiarity with java, php, .net or coldfusion. I have only mild familiarity with PHP and coldfusion, but none of the others. In the past I developed software in C, visual basic and other languages, but never for the web environment.


      I would like to pick one of the languages that were listed, study that for a while and come back to the  Flex in a Week class.


      Which language do you recommend as preparation  --and-- can you recommend a training series (free) for it?


      Thanks, this will help a lot.

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          I feel that as long as you understand the principles of object oriented programming, it would be a better use of your time to jump right into Flex.  The Flex in a Week videos will help walk you through and get you familiar with the ins-and-outs of getting started.  At some point you will need, at least on a cursory level, knowledge of a server language like .Net, Java, or php, but IMHO I would start with Flex and then when the time comes that you need to write web services or whatever, you can pick it up as you go.  If nothing else, Flex is WAY MORE FUN!


          These remarks are only my opinions and I would be interested in hearing what others think as well.

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            marguerites_feet Level 1

            I assume you took Flex in a Week? I'm curious to know what your skill level was in these languages...? Thanks.

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              John Hall Level 4

              I think it's a goodstarting place, personally. I've been doing Flex for quite a while and I went through it just to see what had changed. Plus

              you'll pick up some of the terminology Flex developers use. It can't hurt and you can quit any time. Sounds like a no-lose proposition to me.

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                shawnyale Level 1

                When I started with Flex(back in the Flex 2 days), there wasn't Flex in a Week.   Most of my Flex learning was through books, and endless scouring of the web.  When Flex in a Week was released for Flex 3, I did go through the series and I was amazed at how much I learned that my previous 2 years didn't teach.  I went through the Flex in a Week for Flex 4 and again, I was dazzled at how much I learned.  I still reference the series from time to time when necessary.  I would recommend that series highly.  Also, Lynda.com is a GREAT resource for learning.  And when I say GREAT, I mean GREAT!!!  Everyone has a different way of learning, but I have found the visual approach works very well for me.


                Regarding my personal learning path, I was like you having had experience in various technologies like C++ in college followed by a couple years of .Net(C# and VB.Net) and a little Java before learning Adobe Flex.  From my experience and my humble opinion, the main reason it is recommended that you have experience with other languages before learning Flex, is to encourage some understanding of object oriented language development.  There are other reasons, such as the ability to write and consume web services, etc, but I think the big picture is making sure you are familiar with OO.  I think the Flex in a Week videos are done well, and IMHO, even if you are a little foggy on OO, they help illustrate the principles in a way that you could start from scratch and pick it up quickly.  Lynda.com also has some good OO primers that can help clarify any concepts that might be fuzzy.  To my knowledge, many of the Lynda.com videos are free so you could check them out.


                The idea and concepts of OO are the same regardless of language.  I don't know you personally, but speaking from my experience, if Flex is what you are interested in learning... GO FOR IT!  There is time to pick up other technologies as needed.  We have a great community of developers and there are ample resources available to get you going in the form of blogs, video tutorials, and even the Flex docs if you find yourself stuck or just trying to understand some elusive way to approach a problem.


                Please let me know if I can do anything to help.


                Best of Luck!



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