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    Illustrator CS5 detects windows registry error


      After installing CS5 design premium, Illustrator began stating that it detected an error in the windows registry that will prevent illustrator from working properly. This error message asks me if I would like to have illustrator fix it or if I would like to continue.  The first time I told it to fix it which caused the error to stop.  But then I discovered that my CD drive quit working.  The fix I found was to remove two lines from a certain part of the windows registry which then caused the illustrator error to come back.  (My assumption is that the two lines I removed were added by illustrator which caused the cd device to stop working.)  Is there a way to make illustrator happy while keeping my cd drive?  Illustrator seems to work fine if I just tell it to continue instead of fixing the error.  The error message is just annoying... thoughts?