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    What do I need to build & deploy a Flex/Coldfusion standalone app?


      I have been a CF developer for almost 10 years, but have no experience with Flex. I have a new opportunity to create Windows-based standalone applications. I have investigated .NET and I am not impressed as it just seems to be needlessly complex and bloated. Instead, I am considering leveraging my CF experience and taking a serious look at Flex with ColdFusion.


      My application needs to run on PCs that are located on boats at sea. Their only connection to the Internet is via a satellite modem. The standalone app. needs to have data entered, which is stored in a local database. When the skipper is ready, he/she will switch the modem on, transmit the saved data (takes about 10 seconds) and switch the modem off. This means that the application code, runtime environment, database, and services (e.g. ColdFusion cfcs) must all be loaded on the PC. Also, I do not want the application to run in a web browser (many boats have old versions of Windows and IE).


      I understand that I should be able to do this by using the AIR runtime.


      Here are my questions/challenges:


      1.) The application itself must be provided free of charge. Would I be required to purchase a ColdFusion licence for each installed copy of the application?


      2.) If I would have to pay a licensing fee for each CF installation, will Flex 4 work with an open source CF engine such as Open BlueDragon or Ralio instead?


      3.) Any suggestions regarding the database that I should use (e.g. Derby, H2, SQL Server Express)?


      4.) Installation must be simple. Skippers must be able to download an installation file (e.g. an .exe) and run it. The install program must install the database, the latest Flash player for Windows, the CF engine, and the generated .swf files, cfc files, etc. Can all of this be bundled up when FlashBuilder and/or AIR prepares an application for deployment? When the application is run, it must start the database engine and the CF engine in addition to the Flash front-end.


      I'm eagerly await your answers with fingers crossed. This project has the potential to create a very cool, unique application!