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    How to allow multiple-session changes to fields in a PDF using Reader 7

    tweenTeen Level 1

      Good morning

      We used Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2 to create a seminar registration form that people can download from our website.

      The idea is they fill it in and email it back as an attachment.

      There are some browser plug-in issues - e.g. in Internet Explorer I can fill in the form and save it to my PC, and the PDF created on my PC contains the data I entered. If I do the same thing in Firefox, the saved file is empty (the data isn't saved).


      But the real problem is, if I open the PDF in Reader 9 (at work) I can fill in the form, save, re-open and make changes.

      With Reader 7.0 (at home), if I enter data and save and re-open, I get a message as follows:


      "The document contained certain rights to enable special features in Adobe

      Reader. The document has been changed since it was created and these rights

      are no longer valid. Please contact the author of the original version of this



      ...meaning, with Reader 7.0 I only get one chance to fill in the form.

      Is there a way of creating the PDF that allow users with earlier versions of Reader to have more than one crack at it?

      e.g. would saving the file for Reader version 7 solve the issue?


      thanks in advance

      PS: I didn't do the form, not sure how it's done, and I don't have Reader 7 where I am now.