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    What does suspendBackgroundProcessing on effect really does ?

    FM_Flame Level 1

      I've read that it:


      The background processing that is blocked includes component measurement and layout, and responses to data services for the duration of the effect.


      So what does this really mean?


      I set up a simple example with 5 seconds fade effect to a group with 100 width/height with black rect and set a horizontalCenter to 0. So I was expecting that blocking of measurment and layout would mean that when I resize the browser window it won't resize and the group won't get centered horizontaly.. but that still works... so I am obviously misreading what the bold line above means. Could someone exaplain what exactly is not working when I set suspendBackgroundProcessing to true.


      And about the data services, what does it mean too.. that If I receive a dataservice result or fault event it won't fire the functions specified or what?


      Would be nice to know in which cases it's good to use that property.


      Thanks in advance!