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    Edwin? Can the controlbar plugin support SWFs?


      I think it was Edwin that implemented the controlbar plugin, if I recall correctly, so here's an interesting question for him.


      I've tried the controlbar plugin on regular media such as audio or video, and it works as expected. It does not work however when the target is a SWF.


      I undersand that SWFs (in general, outside of the context of the controlbar plugin) need a workaround by setting custom traits on them. I've implemented that workaround and it works fine when the controlbar plugin is NOT involved. When we add the controlbar plugin into the equation, it breaks. So at least we know it's probably due to the implementation of plugin itself.


      I have an update on this:


      For the pause button for example, I get a run-time error that leads me to org.osmf.chrome.widgets.PauseButton, and it's complaining about line 43 having a null object or method. Not sure how to give it what it wants though since the traits should have already been added to the SWF.

      var playable:PlayTrait = media.getTrait(MediaTraitType.PLAY) as PlayTrait;


      Any plans to modify the plugin so it can support SWFs equally?


      P.S. I'm available for testing, debugging, whatever if you need me.