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    Text Box

    anovice45 Level 1

      When I place a text box and then try to resize it - it won't let me. I have to go to free transform and then it stretches/resizes the text. How do I fix this issue.


      Thanks in advance

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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          In order to be able to rearrange type by changing the box size, you will have to create it with the Area Type Tool associated with a path (such as a rectangle). Did you do that?

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            anovice45 Level 1

            No. I am using the type tool. I wanted to put some text on a flyer. I don't need it associated with it.

            I was under the assumption that you could resize the text box without it affecting the text inside.  Let's say I only had a narrow space for text but oversized my text box. I should be able to make it smaller but keep the same font size.

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              Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



              When you use the Type Tool, the type is an object unrelated to anything else; when you change the Font Size in the Character palette/panel, the type and its Bounding Box changes.


              If you wush to place the type inside a specific space, you must create a path corresponding to the space and then use the Type on Path Tool (clicking the path).


              The term Type implies that it is more than just text.

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                Steve Fairbairn Level 5

                Are you sure you've got a text box and not just a bounding box.

                The two look pretty much the same. Try turning off bounding boxes and see what happens.

                If what you have got IS indeed a text box, of course you can resize it without altering the size of the type.

                Do this with the direct selection tool.

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                  anovice45 Level 1


                  It was my text box that was showing and not the bounding box.

                  Works perfectly fine now!

                  Thanks again