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    Shandy Elliott Level 1
      After the window opens (where you can choose a location on your computer to download a file), if you change the default file name of the file, it saves it as a "file" extension instead of the extension you coded for it. For example, if you don't change the default name (image1), it will save as "image1.jpg" as it is coded to do so. If you (or a user) changes the name of the file before they download it (since the "save as type" reads "all files(*.*)", then the file isn't saved properly.

      Can you assign values in the "save as type" area to read ".jpg" (or whatever type of file you have)? I have seen with fileReference.upload you can assign the different file types in the "save as type" area. Can you do this with the download? If not, what can be done if a user changes the name of the file?