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    Where would I add JavaScript to show when page was last updated?

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      One of the posters here, ZeroSkillz, gave me this fabulous suggestion for adding some CSS to the Fireworks default Dreamweaver HTML template.  Below ZeroSkillz describes how to edit SLICES.XTT to remove the margins around the page & it worked beautifully.


      I would now like to add some javascript to the bottom of each of my pages so that my customers can easily tell when I have last updated my prototype.  Directly below is the javascript I'd like to use for displaying when the page was last updated.  Can anyone tell me where it would fit into SLICES.XTT?


      <script language="JavaScript">
      <!-- Hide JavaScript...
      var LastUpdated = document.lastModified;
      document.writeln ("This page was last updated " + LastUpdated);
      // End Hiding -->


      ZeroSkillz answer to hiding the margins by editing the default HTML:


      Go to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Fireworks CS4\Configuration\HTML Code\


      I default  to the Dreamweaver HTML export thingy, so I opened the Dreamweaver  folder, and found a file named:





      First thing, make a copy of that and name it  old_SLICES.XTT or whatever, in case you inadvertanlty mess something  up...


      Then  open the original in notepad and search for this string:

      // close  the body tag.


      Right  below that line insert these three lines:


          WRITE_HTML("<style  type=\"text/css\">");
          WRITE_HTML("body {margin: 0px;}");