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    ADE - No tech help with Kobo Books, Can't download to new computer


      I opened an ADE account years ago but never bought ebooks with it. Or maybe one a couple of years ago. Enter Kobobooks.com this year. I buy a couple of books and to read on my older laptop that had ADE already on it with the mentioned account. I copy the books to my Sony Reader. No problem.


      Then I decide maybe Kobo Books is finally some place I'm willing to risk buying ebooks from and that I want them too on my Netbook because it's smaller and more user friendly in terms of a cuddily book-size experience. So I download ADE and the installation wizard asks for an EMAIL ADDRESS as an ID. I know my previous EMAIL ADDRESS was destroyed by SPAM long ago and that I had DELETED the EMAIL ACCOUNT. So, I thought, I should use an email address that Adobe can reach me with that is current. NOTHING on the ADE download pages warns otherwise! I procede, give ADE my current email address. But now I can't download my books from Kobo because I apparently created a second account, which creates an Authorization ERROR.


      Despite SEVERAL telephone calls to India seeking TECH HELP no one wants to help me with THEIR PRODUCT. One person told me I needed a new Operating System! There is nothing wrong with the XP on my Netbook and the Vista on my original laptop! ADE is the problem. There is no feature to update my EMAIL ADDRESS.


      So, I can't download my books I bought a month or two ago from Kobobooks.com onto my Netbook, where I really want to read them, now that I've made the big decision TO REALLY START BUYING EBOOKS!! No help from India... They've repeatedly told me Adobe doesn't support ADE because it is FREE SOFTWARE. In other words, Adobe will SCREW UP your computers, deprive you of access to the SIX downloads you are entitled to from KOBOBOOKS but do nothing to correct THEIR FLAWED SYSTEM!!#$%XCXX@!!!


      It gets worse.


      My wife buys a new Kobo eReader from Borders.com She's thrilled to join the ebook revolution!  Okay, so what do WE do now? I buy a book we'd book like to read, but, can we, since we share EVERYTHING ELSE IN LIFE, share an ebook? Not thanks to ADE.... I have to buy TWO copies for my computers, and another for hers? Sitting next to me on the couch reading at night?


      Does Adobe or anyone care? Does anyone think this system is going to work as word gets around? What will I and my wife be telling people about our $500 combined investment in ebook readers?


      If anyone, inside or outside ADE has a solution, I'd really appreciate your help. Thank you.