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    Premiere Pro CS5 playback problems with Canon 5d MKII footage, PLEASE HELP!


      Hi, sorry the the panicked nature of the title, it's just that I'm at my wits end with finding a solution to this problem, and I need to get this cut moving ASAP.


      I've got a problem that needs to get addressed ASAP. Hopefully you can assist me.


      I just purchased Adobe CS5 Production Premium for use with editing Canon 5d MKII footage (shot at 24p). I use a brand new 17 inch Core i7 Macbook Pro, 8GB of RAM, 7200RPM hard drive, and the highest end video card they offer (nVidia Geforce GT 330M with 512mb of ram).


      My problem: when I've imported the MKII footage into Premiere CS5, I can't even playback the clips in the source window (or viewer as I'm used to calling it, as I'm a FCP editor primarily). The footage will load, I can see the frame of the clip from wherever my playhead is placed at, but when I attempt to play it, it'll play a split second of it and then stop. The playhead doesn't show any movement forward. The length of time it will play before stopping varies from anywhere to half a second to one second, but it's still impossible to effectively view and edit with, regardless.


      Just to note, I've also loaded the footage into my Final Cut Studio 3 suite, and it plays back perfectly fine. I would normally just use FCP in this case, except my client works exclusively in premiere, even providing me with template project files and requesting I organize the final edit in a specific manner.


      I'm extremely knowledgeable with the technical aspects of post-production (codecs, frame rates, etc.), so ask away if there's anything I forgot to mention. Like I said, I've been editing with Final Cut for over six years, and work with Avid on the side, so I'm pretty good at figuring things out, but this problem just has me completely stumped.


      Any help would be EXTREMELY appreciated. I need to get this cut going ASAP, and I'm out of ideas. Thank you for your time.



      Daniel Hybiak